[Coco] Hi

Steve Bamford stevecindybamford at yahoo.co.uk
Sun May 8 08:33:20 EDT 2016

Hi everyone.
I was inspired by Steve and Curtis' most recent interview with Lee and Simon, to share a back-burner Dragon/CoCo project of mine.

It's more of an exercise in learning to code but could turn out to be a fun little game too.
Up until now the focus has been on creating routines to handle various core tasks so it doesn't yet have the structure or variety of a proper game. I'm in the midst of implementing quite a few changes and enhancements which means the current build is a little broken. Instead I've posted a link to an older build which will given you an impression of things to come.
Should you be interested, the control keys are;
< = move left> = move rightz = start/jump/pickup/throw (applies to traps dropped by the bird)

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