[Coco] Emulator question?

Salvador Garcia salvadorgarciav at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 23 17:41:04 EDT 2016

I saw your video. Interesting, but it left me with some questions. Before I asked here I decided to download the MC-10 emulator and give it a go myself. Fantastic!

It is way too easy:

1. Download emulator.
2. Double click EXE file (or icon) - no setup or installation necessary!
3. Type in the BASIC program in Notepad or any other text editor (I guess the only caveat is that it supports the special characters, as shown in your video)
4. Select Quicktype of the emulator, navigate to the program file's folder and select the program.
5. Enter RUN in the emulator.

I mis-typed part of the BASIC program, got the SN error, corrected in Notepad and went back to the emulator's Quicktype option. Fixed!

About the only note is that the BASIC program should be saved in a .TXT file since the quick type open dialog defaults to this, but that can easily be changed in that same dialog to list all files, so any extension can be used. Regards, Salvador

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Don’t think that it is easy on any of the Coco editors.  You can use the command line utilities decb.exe to transfer DOS files onto .dsk, but that can be a little cumbersome.  

Editing in Wordpad and then quicktyping immediately into the Virtual MC-10 emulator is possible and easy.  So if your programs weren’t involving any hires graphics I would encourage you to come over to the dark side and use the Mc-10 emulator.  Or if you wanted to you could start up the emulator with the MCX BASIC rom and you would have 90% of the hires graphics commands of the Coco present in the MC-10.

Anyway, here is a vid of me editing in the VMC10 using Wordpad

Jim G.

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