[Coco] Rainbow Magazine?

farna at amc-mag.com farna at amc-mag.com
Wed Jun 22 06:58:41 EDT 2016

John, I printed "the world of 68' micros" (two68'm) for a number of years.
Most are on the list archive site.

You will probably want a book I published also, "Tandy's Little Wonder". I
edited almost all available info into a history and layman's technical
manual. Anything repairs that can be made with a volt/ohm meter are
documented there, and a good many other things. Just about everything you
need to know to use a CoCo, outfit it, and keep it going for years to

LittleWonder.pdf is the original. It has some advertisements from some of
the remaining CoCo vendors when published in 1999. Cocobook-TLW2.pdf is
the revised 2006 edition. The ads were eliminated due to most no longer in
business, the resources page was updated, and a few other changes. Some of
the schematics in both aren't very readable. They didn't survive the
conversion to PDF, and I no longer have the original files or schematics.
Schematics can be found in the service manuals at

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