[Coco] Looping in Nitros9 Shell

Stephen H. Fischer SFischer1 at Mindspring.com
Sat Jun 18 13:28:04 EDT 2016

You can replace the NitrOS-9 "Shell" with the "Shellplus" 2.2a" version which I have yet to try which is in the CMDS folder. Or the version from RTSI.


There are changes in 2.2a that I have not used and what works and what does not is for you to find out.

I used 2.1a which appears to be missing, here is 2.1. PM me for 2.1a.


The source for the NitrOS-9 Shell is much smaller than the 2.1a source Someone said about my scripts, you don't need to do that. So stop your unauthorized use of the NitrOS-9 Shell immediately. :-r.


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>I want to write a simple infinite loop to run a command in the Nitros9 Shell.  I tried RTFMing a bit and couldn't figure it out.  The ShellPlus documentation I could find seems to neglect mentioning the basics of what the shell can do and mostly describes features that never made it to the Nitros9 version.
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