[Coco] Diecom light gun adapter

Barry Nelson barry.nelson at amobiledevice.com
Sat Jun 18 12:00:18 EDT 2016

Here is some information I found on the Diecom adapter. This was on Tim Lindner's web page.

Schematic http://tlindner.macmess.org/wp-content/uploads/2006/09/dlg_schematic.gif

Explanation of operation, PC board layout, parts list, etc: http://tlindner.macmess.org/?page_id=105

Parts list.

Code	Part	Description
IC1	CD74HC4040E	12 bit async binary counter
IC2	CD74HC74E	Dual flip flop
IC3	CD74HC161E	4 bit binary counter
IC4	CD74HC165E	8 bit shift register
IC5	CD74HC00E	Quad 2 input NAND gate
IC6	CD74HC00E	Quad 2 input NAND gate
R1	20 K ohm (5%)	Resistors
R2	10 K ohm (5%)	
R3	20 K ohm (5%)	
R4	20 K ohm (5%)	
R5	20 K ohm (5%)	
R6	10 K ohm (5%)	
R7	20 K ohm (5%)	
R8	20 K ohm (5%)	
R9	5.1 K ohm (5%)	
R10	10 K ohm (5%)	
R11	5.1 K ohm (5%)	
R12	100 K ohm (5%)	
C1	10 nano-farads	Capacitors
C2	10 nano-farads	
C3	10 nano-farads	
C4	0.18 nano-farads	
C5	0.1 nano-farads	
Q1	78L05 ACP Motorola 652	Voltage Regulator
Q2	735 2N3904 (NPN)	NPN General Purpose Amplifier and Switch
D1	(Diode) no markings	
CO1	FOX143 14.31818	Crystal
9v Battery Connector	
6 pin DIN plug (CoCo Joystick)	
4 pin DIN plug (CoCo Serial)	
9 pin plug (Light Gun)

> Sean badfrog at gmail.com 
> Sat Jun 18 11:26:12 EDT 2016
> Yeah, It's getting out of my price range, but I have a Sega light gun and
> CRT's that would work.  I remember the ads for the games in Rainbow back in
> the day and really wanted them, but the price was a bit too much to
> convince my parents to get it even for a Christmas present.
> Fashion a new one up! :)

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