[Coco] MC-10 vs CoCo2 questions.

John Lochey jlochey at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 16 12:02:26 EDT 2016

Hi all,
I'm super new, so sorry for the basic questions.
The MC-10 has a 6803 processor and the CoCo2 has the 6809 processor as I understand it.  I own both machines and would like to learn a lot more about them.
I have been through the "Extended Basic manual" and the manual for the MC-10, but now I would like to try some entry level ML coding.
I'd like to start playing with ML on my MC-10 as well as my CoCo2, but is this really smart, or should I really choose one to learn on because they will be so different due to their processor variance?
I'd like do my ML learning via emulation and utilizing ML programming tools that run right in the emulator like EDTASM+ or SDC80C.
Where/how can one start to learn the "memory map" of these machines?  Again, the difference between the two may force me to either learn both simultaneously or choose one.  I have a PDF of the book "Color Computer Memory Map" by Bob Russell, is that a good place to start or ???

I appreciate all help!



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