[Coco] C debbuging system?

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Yes the text starts out exactly right.

Due to some unknown security setting change on my main user account on my laptop I must use another users account to do the download so it will take some time to collect all parts to read and download for my living on after Death Internet file set. (Not announced but a few persons know about it.)

What is needed in addition are the words I made about what was in my version for OS-9 Level-II.

Google ""Bugs Nevermore!" by Thomas D. Webb."" produces a link that is a Google 404.

"C" Program Debugging Article - TandyCoCo

So the post that is missing is "C" Program Debugging Article on TandyCoCo"

I also used another method for debugging "C" programs which is in the CoCo OS-9 "C" compiler set, that of examing a "core" dump of the program.

This requires a fix to the standard library as the dump file is missing the first byte making finding variables using the loader map in the "core" dump file difficult. 

I was very familiar with this method as that was the method of debugging FORTRAN programs on the Super Computers I programmed starting ~ 1966.



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>I believe I have recovered most if not all of the article from Google's web cache. I posted what I could recover here: http://star2.abcm.com/bugs_nevermore
> Please let me know if I missed anything.

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