[Coco] VCC on Mac

Stephen H. Fischer SFischer1 at Mindspring.com
Tue Jun 14 17:38:59 EDT 2016

Do you understand the term "DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT" BILL!

You are not GOD and your bitter hatred of me is totally misplaced and ON YOUR PART ONLY. Remember the help I gave you at the beginning, I went out of the way to help you. You have gone in a different directions than most CoCo people and we all are loosing.

And your skills as a programmer may be great but that does give you the right to delete my posts on http://www.tandycoco.com/forum/ which have been done despite the owner saying that has not happened!

Get a life! I admit my mistakes, when are you going to. I have received part of the source code for VCC and understand how Windows programs work and emulators in general. You are Johnny come lately to the CoCo world, I was on Delphi and moved to Bit.Listserv.CoCo and have been on this list from the beginning.

Stephen H. Fischer 

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> First, Stephen Fisher is not, nor ever will be associated with the VCC project. He has NO knowledge of what is going on and needs to stay out of my conversations.
> NO... There is NO "VB6" code ANYWHERE in VCC,.... again, SHF needs to mind his own business. (For the newbies here, it's a long story with SHF).

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