[Coco] Hello from a serious newbie/beginner!

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VCC 2.0.1 download:


VCC 2.0.1 Wiki site:


I have not been watching the VCC project carefully, busy with other things. [CoCo] ([CoCoList for Color Computer Enthusiasts]) is where most discussion of VCC is.

VCC is the one to watch, but it is a CoCo3 emulator. It is being upgraded for other OSes and is IMHO the best one on Windows. YMMV

Then you can MESS /MAME around. Each emulator is different, graphics usually being the sticking point.

Then there is Jeff's original CoCo 2 Emulator. ftp://www.rtsi.com/RSDOS/incoming/Coco2%20Emulator.zip might be it.

If you read messages backward on this list you will see lots of discussion on what you are saying.

For pictures and a bigger group of people but who have different interests see the FaceBook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/2359462640/ 
Rainbow was / is the magazine to read. It's Tapes and Disks eliminate typing.



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> Hi everyone!
> I'm completely new to this group, but really appreciate being permitted to join. I know you all are WAY advanced, but I guess I have to start somewhere with my questions, so sorry to burden anyone.
> I recently acquired a "mint" CoCo2 that is just SO sweet! :)
> I REALLY like it and of course now I want to start playing with it a bit.
> Right now I'm going through the "Getting Started With Extended Basic" manual and utilizing the MOCHA and XRoar emulators on my Windows machine.
> I have also downloaded just about every book and magazine that I could find on the Color Computer(s).
> I have few questions if anyone has the time:
> - Are these the best emulators to use?
> - Can I get a device that would allow me to read an SD card and use it as a "disk drive"?
> - Is there any books or magazines on the CoCo that really stand out and are in the "must read" category?
> - What "monitor/TV screen" setup would you recommend to get the best picture? Assuming that a higher resolution/better picture is desired?
> - Do you think it is better to program on the "real thing" or an emulator? Maybe it is just personal preference?
> Thank you all very much!
> John
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