[Coco] Orchestra90-CC ROM fully converted for the Dragon64

Pere psergm at gmail.com
Wed Jun 8 16:08:31 EDT 2016

Hi Paulo,
the short answer is NO because everything has been changed to meet
the Dragon hardware requirements.
The Keyboard has been rewired (in soft)
DOS has been written from scratch to adhere to the Dragon Data disks 

But anyway you could use a sub-product of the developpment that
consists in a ROM that redirects the sound to the internal DAC of the
Works fine with CoCo2 (tested on XRoar) and CoCo3 as well (tested on VCC)
You will find the zip containing that DSK in the "TRS-80 /  Color Computer" 
in FaceBook, here

Hope it helps

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Hi Pere

when you say "IT ONLY WORKS IN A DRAGON64 or any machine with 64k as it
switches to all RAM mode (MAP1)", *any* machine includes the CoCo3 for
example, as long as it meets the RAM requirements?



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