[Coco] Fwd: IP packets on my coco

RETRO Innovations go4retro at go4retro.com
Mon Jun 6 13:22:24 EDT 2016

On 6/6/2016 9:07 AM, Brett Gordon wrote:
> If we have an actual IP/TCP stack:  Does this open new hardware
> opportunities?  I think the uIP stack will work with arp and ethernet too.
> What would it take to get a cheapo ethernet transceiver hooked up?  I guess
> maybe just a reliable interrupt capable rs232 is well enough?
> Brett M Gordon

As the manufacturer of a NIC for the Commodore 64, if there is enough 
interest and can be support beyond Fuzix, I am happy to port the cs8900a 
or the rtl8019 to the Coco.  I'd recommend the rtl8019, as it has 
Interrupt capabilities, but can do either one.

Both are wired options, though.  If Wireless, then I'd recommend the 
esp8266, which I am already working on (and I think it's the same wifi 
on the Coco3FPGA), but it operates differently, containing it's own lwip 
stack on board.


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