[Coco] Using Cocodisk.exe to make bootable Nitros9 disks.

Kip Koon computerdoc at sc.rr.com
Sun Jun 5 00:07:38 EDT 2016

Hi Zathrasldf,
What type of eprom does the Sardis controller use?  I may be able to help you.  What online storage devices do you have available?  Do you have just floppy drives or do you have some other types as well like hard drives, compact flash or SD cards, adapters, etc. available for your Coco?  If you are running an all floppy system, the best way to get started is to connect the Serial I/O port on your coco (Which one?) to the serial or USB port of your laptop or desktop computer with the appropriate cable and run Drivewire 4.  I ran mine on a Windows 7 machine.  Drivewire 4 is much more reliable than the old floppy drives - even the 3.5" drives and faster too.  I was using floppy drive first as well and with I/O errors every so often I moved to Drivewire 4 for my online storage medium.  Later I expanded to Compact Flash cards on the SuperIDE Controller and on the Glenside IDE Controller with a CF Card Adapter.  Those proved to be much more reliable and even faster.  Then I added a CoCoSDC SD Card Controller with accepts SD and SDHC memory Cards which is also very reliable and faster as well.  For the real Cocos, the CoCoSDC SD Controller is the storage device I would recommend.  I don't know if any are available for purchase at the moment.  You can contact Zippster as see.    
Oops, I digressed.  I can get really wrapped up in this!  <grin>  If you have a computer with real floppy drives, you can use the Virtual Color Computer (VCC) Emulator along with a special driver on windows and make your own bootable NitrOS-9 floppies.  Make sure the floppy drive on your Windows (that's what I use) machine is the EXACT same type of drive as that on your Coco.  Incompatible floppy drives of course won't work.  Please let me know your entire situation and status of equipment and setup details so I can guide you more accurately.  I'll be looking for your email.  You might consider reading my wiki page below as I detailed how I first got started using my Cocos again.  At first, all I had to work with was floppy drives as well.  I have an ST-225 MFM hard drive from years ago I use to use with OS-9, but I could not put it back online since I have yet to locate my Burke and Burke Hard Drive Controller.  Like so many of us, it's in a box in storage somewhere.  I wish you great success getting NitrOS-9 up on your precious Coco.  Once you have NitrOS-9 on line, you will be able to adapt it in many ways.  Qaplah!  Star Fleet Out!  End Transmission!  Take care my friend.

Kip Koon
computerdoc at sc.rr.com

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> I'm having trouble getting a bootable nitros9 disk using Cocodisk.exe from the nitros9.org site. Every one I have made so far starts
> booting but hangs right before OS9Boot is supposed to load. I've had to use an fd-502 floppy controller as my Sardis controller hasn't
> got a working eprom.
> Any suggestions as to how to proceed on making a bootable disk?
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