[Coco] Printing from Disk Extended Color Basic (via Drivewire)

Robert Gault robert.gault at att.net
Fri Dec 23 05:54:14 EST 2016

Arthur Flexser wrote:
> POKE &H6F,&HFE:DIR wouldn't do the trick?  Seems like it ought to if you've
> redirected the "-2" output channel.  (Or is the problem that Basic doesn't
> insert carriage returns between directory entries?)
> Art

Basic resets the value at $6F so you can't POKE it and then enter a command like 
DIR. The value at $6F will have been changed by the ROMs.
I did find a method for forcing the DIR routine to reset $6F by making the 
routine at $CCC5 "Send directory routine to console out" branch to code setting 
$6F and then returning to the ROM code.
So coupled with a routine using the $167 vector and testing for a device value 
of -2, DIR output will go to the printer.


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