[Coco] CoCo Liquidation

Brian Blake random.rodder at gmail.com
Tue Dec 20 18:09:01 EST 2016

Merry Christmas CoCoNutz!

After much consideration, and what's looking like a cross-country move 
coming up, I'm going to drastically reduce my collection.

Here's what I know I'm getting rid of:

  * 1 NIB CoCo3
  * 1 NIB Tano Dragon 64
  * 1 CoCo 1 s/n 00138 (16K)
  * 1 CoCo 1 32K - NO ECB ROM
  * 2 MPI's - one white original style, one newer style
  * 2 (at least) CoCo 2's
  * 1 CoCo 1 with an HJL-57 keyboard
  * I should have a couple floppy drive carcasses around as well
  * A whole BUNCH of floppy disks (CoCo and I'm assuming PC DS/DD as I
    haven't had time to check them all out)

There will most likely be more. I'm only going to keep a CoCo 1 (maybe 
2) and a couple CoCo 3's and some floppy disk equipment. Not sure yet if 
I'm going to hold on to my Rainbow collection. If anyone is interested 
in any of these items, please contact me off-list as I'd hate to take up 
lot's of people's inbox space with numerous replies.


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