[Coco] Walkthrough for Star Commander ?

Robert Gault robert.gault at att.net
Thu Dec 15 19:59:38 EST 2016


Have you had time to get any further in this game? I can get into the hall past 
the guard and have found several items. What I can't do is use any of those 
items nor get out to a shuttle.

What I find very irritating about this game is that you must be in specific 
locations for certain actions to take place. For example, you can't use the 
pickax unless you are standing at a specific rock in a specific location. I 
can't use a key-card on a door regardless of where you stand at the door but it 
is required to open the door.
You can try to use the pickax in the second mine room and you will be asked what 
you want to do with it. If you try to use it in the first room, you will be told 
you can't use it here, misleading you to believe that it really should be used 
in the second room.

Have you noticed if you Look at the photo in your inventory you get the message, 
"You see a beautiful picture of Rebecca with HIS father."
Now it happens that there is an AGI version available for a PC and when you look 
at the photo you see an actual picture but it is not of Rebecca but rather a 
room in the mine with several dilithium crystals.

If you search for Star Commander AGI with google you can find that the author 
was working on a revision to the game with greatly enhanced graphics. Several 
pictures are on the site but the work was abandoned.


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