[Coco] Coco DSK utility

Barry Nelson barry.nelson at amobiledevice.com
Sat Dec 10 02:05:11 EST 2016

That seems to be a link to the source code. Is there a compiled copy somewhere for those of us who don’t want to compile a C# program?

> Daniel Campos daniel.campus at gmail.com  <mailto:coco%40maltedmedia.com?Subject=Re%3A%20%5BCoco%5D%20Coco%20DSK%20utilitiy&In-Reply-To=%3CCAKgOuPFvGLj7exDPuy3YfxjNzUy4Tmj-Mj3eCy%3DBRRs8Z4bSXQ%40mail.gmail.com%3E>
> Fri Dec 9 11:38:12 EST 2016
> Yes. There is the CoCoDskUtil...
> http://www.cococoding.com/cocodskutil/ <http://www.cococoding.com/cocodskutil/>
> Daniel

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