[Coco] **JUNK** New AGI fan-made game: Start Commander I

Guillaume Major guillaume.major at gmail.com
Wed Dec 7 12:36:45 EST 2016

I have ported another AGI fan-made adventure game to the Coco 3. The game is 
Star Commander I and was developped in 2001 by Steve Coyle. It is inspired 
by the Space Quest series and has good story and graphics.  Although Steve 
never finished it, his game is quite large and offer a myriad of puzzles to 
keep you busy for several hours. I would say it is about 75% completed.

Here's the description from Steve Coyle:

You are Sean Cade a test pilot for a newly developed Faster Than Light 
spacecraft built by NASA on Earth. During testing of these newly developed 
engines, a malfunction occurs hurling you across the galaxy. During the 
confusion a alien ship approaches and takes you prisoner and you are sent to 
mine power crystals in a prison mine. You must escape the mines and uncover 
the evil alien's plot to invade this quadrant of the galaxy.

You can download it from the Color Computer Archive: 


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