[Coco] Fuzix: Now on CoCo2

Michael R. Furman n6il at ocs.net
Tue Dec 6 14:55:35 EST 2016

Bootstrap.s is icky, reads a raw memory image instead of a DECB bin, and it’s really designed to bootstrap a ROM system.  It seems like your coco3 loader would work with a few changes, I think I will try that.  I’m pretty sure I figured out where to load it so it won’t get overwritten by fuzix.bin, looks like the last 1-2k of FUZIX's screen area should be unused by both FUZIX and DECB.

I do have a few questions for you Brett:

Do you have any programming reference for the CocoSDC?
Does your CocoSDC driver support multiple drives, if I passed through SDC0 or SDC1?
Should we move the CocoSDC driver over to Kernel/dev?  Not sure if having a device named “sd” and a different one named “sdc” in the same directory would be too confusing...


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> On Dec 4, 2016, at 9:33 PM, Brett Gordon <beretta42 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Nicely done!  Now just to replace bootstrap.s with standalone sdc code.
> sdc logic is very similar to ide.
> load up the param regs
> wait till sdc is rdy
> Read 256 bytes
> wait for return or error fr sdc
> rinse repeat.
> Don't depend on anything in the rest of the kernel.  The code resides in
> ROM and becomes quite useless after boot.
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