[Coco] Nitros9 and Smartwatch

piperfox74 piperfox74 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 4 20:54:05 EST 2016

Hey folks.

I purchased a DS1216 piggyback to use as an RTC with my CoCo 3 (6309, Triad 512K) and patched MPI + CoCoSDC/DriveWire/Disto Mini-Controller.

I think I figured out how to create a new Nitros9 boot disk with the clock2_smartwatch module replacing clock2_dw, and I believe I was able to correctly move the getclk, swread and swset executables into my execution dir on the new bootdisk. However, once booted from the disk, executing getclk causes either a hard freeze or even garbage to appear on screen. swread and swset both say no clock found.

I have the Smartwatch inserted into the second EPROM slot in the Disto controller, which I have in MPI slot 4. Since there’s not enough room to piggyback a DECB ROM, the Smartwatch carrier is just empty. I’ve heard that should work. The Disto controller ROM switch is set correctly to the Smartwatch slot.

Slot 1 of the MPI has the CoCoSDC. I also have DriveWire connected. The MPI is set to Slot 1, to boot into SDC-DOS. I boot Nitros9 from my newly created, Smartwatched boot disk. THe time comes up as question marks and zeros. I then try the various commands to work with the smartwatch (are these commands documented anywhere?), but they fail as described.

Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong?



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