[Coco] New version of SDC-DOS available

Nick Marentes nickma at optusnet.com.au
Sat Dec 3 04:02:47 EST 2016

On 3/12/2016 1:42 AM, Darren A wrote:
> An updated SDC-DOS version 1.3 for the CoCo-SDC is now available.
> Download link for latest SDCSETUP disk image:
>    <https://goo.gl/snV5Mk>
> New features in this version:
> Support for running an "AUTOEXEC.BAS" program at system startup.  You can
> hold down the SHIFT key to suppress this.
> A new EXP command which can be used to quickly mount and run a program like
> the SDC Explorer.  Think of EXP as shorthand for Explorer or Express.  The
> EXP command is roughly equivalent to the following:
> The WRITE MEM command will now write to the FE00-FEFF locations in the
> flash banks when running on a CoCo 3. Likewise, the COPY MEM command now
> reads from flash for these locations on a CoCo 3.
> You can change the machine type for DriveWire communications to something
> other than the one detected by SDC-DOS at startup by entering:
>   DEF DW=n
> Specify 1, 2 or 3 for n according to the CoCo model whose speed capability
> you want to use:
>   1 =  38,400 bps
>   2 =  57,600 bps  -  requires op-amp replacement on CoCo 1
>   3 = 115,200 bps  -  allowed only on a CoCo 3
> - Darren

Good update Darren.

One BIG problem (for me at least)...

Robert Gault's EDTASM6309 now doesn't work with Drivewire Drives.

This is my program development environment I use for developing software 
(Pop*Star Pilot) and I normally save my source to a Drivewire drive but 
now it just crashes spectacularly when I try to access any Drivewire drives.

You'd need to talk to Robert Gault I guess to see how he implemented 
Drivewire support under the CoCoSDC because it looks like the latest SDC 
DOS may have shifted the addresses for accessing Drivewire that he used.

It works perfectly for accessing the SD Card mounted drives.

Robert doesn't have a CoCoSDC so he relies on information about where to 
access it. He can do any tests.


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