[Coco] Release of Galaxy Quest Text Adventure in Honour of Fest 2016

Jim Gerrie jim_gerrie at yahoo.ca
Thu Apr 21 21:48:08 EDT 2016

I've just finished typing in and fixing up a text adventure game for Coco, Dragon and MC-10 (with MCX adapter). It's from Hot Coco Magazine, September 1983. It's called "Galaxy Trek Adventure #2" and its by Howard F. Batie.  I converted it from a scan and have bug tested it as best I can, but have not played it to a finish yet. 

I've not run across this game in any of the game compilations I've seen (but let me know if you have).  I've added a little flourish in honour of Cocofest for the Coco version. Everyone have fun at the fest this year!

Jim G.

GALTREK.BAS is on JGGSAMES12.DSK in my ZIP compilation: 
is in my Dragon ZIP compilation:

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