[Coco] going through stuff

James Jones jejones3141 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 18 22:38:12 EDT 2016

Whoa... going through old stuff, and finding boot floppies for ancient Red
Hat Linux releases, for Yggdrasil Linux, and for OS/2 (I put it on my first
PClone, but switched to Linux shortly thereafter).

If we still had a minivan, we'd be schlepping hardware and sorting on site,
but with Pontiac's version of the Chevy Aveo, we've got to keep the cargo
to a minimum, so we will be bringing

   - my Chromebook and netbook
   - Billie's laptop
   - our Raspberry Pi 2s and associated hardware
   - a Samsung monitor with HDMI and VGA inputs
   - a Zip disk with the contents of my old hard drive
   - a Cloud-9 SCSI interface card
   - if I can at all find it, the SCSI ZIP drive

I'm hoping that there will be time and someone who can help me transfer the
contents of the zip disk to a virtual disk (I'll bring USB flash drives,
too) that I can move to my various Linux computers to use with emulator(s).

That leaves the question of what subset of the following I will also do:

   - bring my CoCo up to date with the Triad, CoCo SDC, and converter to
   get me out of the CM8 business (and ideally outputting to HDMI); probably
   will move to DriveWire (has anyone tried using a Raspberry Pi Zero as a
   DriveWire server? Maybe one could just put it in the CoCo case, power and
   cooling permitting)
   - invest in one of the Coco on FPGA systems (still debating which)

Any assistance in this regard would be hugely appreciated. I will take
plentiful notes--I have at least one other hard drive whose contents I want
to get transferred and preserved; if memory serves, it once belonged to
Carl Kreider.


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