[Coco] Rainbow On Tape / Disk Project June Pre-release available

Stephen H. Fischer SFischer1 at Mindspring.com
Fri May 29 17:50:52 EDT 2015


The June 6, 2015 Pre-release of the Rainbow On Tape / Disk Project is available.

The only file that has changed since the May release is:

"Rainbow_on_Tape_Disk_-_paper_inserts_20150606.zip" and it is just smaller.


And the Internet Archive test version which will go away very soon.


Please report any problems and test the Internet Archive's new version if you have not seen it.

There is one file to be added which I am still working on and will welcome comments.

Attention Windows Vista and above users.rtf
The files in this project when downloaded to your Windows computer are considered foreign and when unzipped using Windows Explorer's built in un-zipper will have the file date set to today and not the date in the zip file.

If you wish the dates in the zip file to be used:

1) Right click the zip file.
2) Select properties.
3) Click Unblock and then Apply.
4) Close properties. 
5) UnZIP the file.

ZIP filenames sometimes may be shown in Green, this will change the color to the normal black. YMMV




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