[Coco] CoCoRX

Boisy G. Pitre coco at toughmac.com
Thu May 28 13:12:42 EDT 2015

I am working on an idea for a CoCo program…. CoCoRX

The vision is a complete system test program that checks out a CoCo from top to bottom including:

- Video
- Cassette
- Serial
- Joysticks

It’s a 6809 assembly program, and must work on any CoCo. Adaptability to test CoCo 1/2 as well as CoCo 3 features is a must.

I’d like to make this an open source project on GitHub, but only if I can get committals from people who can contribute.

If you’re serious about working on this with me and have the 6809 skills and understanding of the components of the CoCo to test, let me know!

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