[Coco] Burning ROM question

George Ramsower georgera at gvtc.com
Thu May 21 16:00:03 EDT 2015

  This may be good news for my neighbor who is into modifying his ECU 
stuff. Especially on those autos that can't be modified.
  If I knew how, I would like this to modify my Coco ROM via an eprom or 
some other programmable ROM

On 5/21/2015 7:35 AM, Daniel Campos wrote:
> Joe,
> They are not unicorns, but are not cheap also.
> I have one Transtronics Pocket Programmer that can burn any old EPROM 
> that you can imagine, including the 68764/68766. It works like a charm!
> https://secure.transtronics.com/osc/product_info.php/cPath/55/products_id/621 

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