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Excellent, thanks Daniel

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They are not unicorns, but are not cheap also.
I have one Transtronics Pocket Programmer that can burn any old EPROM
that you can imagine, including the 68764/68766. It works like a charm!



On 21/05/2015 09:30, Joe Grubbs wrote:
> Yeah it has a 28 pin ZIF socket. I'd rather use it than try to hunt down a burner with a 24 pin socket, which seem to be like unicorns these days.
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>> That would make the physical connections, but you’ll have to check the data sheet to find out
>> what the 68766 requires as a programming procedure/voltages/etc and make sure your programmer
>> is able to do that.
>> Your burner accepts 28 pins but not 24?
>> - Ed

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