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Fri May 15 00:59:36 EDT 2015

Well I don’t have the vfy executable, I can say what I have is different.  Yes c.link is very different form rlink.  c.link has more handling for C itself (the whole stack arrangement).  Rlink is designed more for straight ML.

As for L3 Gene I am making progress, except I currently have to merge Clock & Clock2 back together, as Clock to get it to work.  Also IOMAN has issues as well, with the latest updates to Nitros9.

Bill Nobel

> On May 14, 2015, at 10:13 PM, Gene Heskett <gheskett at wdtv.com> wrote:
> On Thursday 14 May 2015 22:59:45 Bill Nobel wrote:
>> Hi Gene & Bill,  I have been watching your guys' posts and want to
>> throw a tid bit of what I have for RMA.  I have 2 versions of rma that
>> don’t match you guys for crc or size.  Here is what I got:
>> filename	size		crc
>> rma		$4EAF	$F830D9
>> rma.6309	$5C27	$E86F73
>> As far as I remember I got these from one of the archives, they both
>> work very well, but I have not taken it to data limits yet for symbol
>> tables, etc…
>> Bill Nobel
> Those are probably a bit older yet.  the one I quoted seems to know all 
> about 6309 codes too.
> But Bill hasn't chimed in with a vfy of his version yet.
> Thanks Bill.  Are you making any headway with L3?
> Cheers, Gene Heskett
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