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Hope you don't mind me commenting on your email,  but Your C compiler project sounds very cool.  I have the original K & R C book and the second edition (digital). An ANSI C compiler for Coco would be great! Please continue.   

I am not a great programmer,  though,  only on basic,  simple programs, but havethe intention of finishing the book.  
Sean Russell
Albuquerque,  NM USA

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</div>You have the 40mm cannon pointed in the wrong direction.

The routine I used to split the library I think also wrote a text file with the names of the modules in the library.

Facing doing a merge of 40 - 70 modules and perhaps doing it with several merges hopefully using a ShellPlus script was something that could not be done successfully even with a list of the modules in the proper order. That was the 40mm cannon pointing at the project.

As I was building System disks using OS9GEN and could edit text files at that point the OS9GEN solution presented itself and worked quite nicely.

All I needed to do was to change one number in the "abort" module so the entire program I was trying to fix was included in the "Core" dump. 

The bug made the "core" dump short by one (1).  Thus constant problems looking at the "Core" dump and the C.Link generated loader map. (WHAT? C.Link generates loader maps!)

I doubt if you care but I have attached Abort.zip to this e-mail. Dated 7/1/1986.

I am unsure if the fix is in this file but every library in use "may" have this bug except the ones I made and used.


I do not think "Make" was on my radar at that point but if the entire library needed to be assembled / compiled Make would be the only way to go. I started using "Make" as soon as I saw it. 

It's the use of OS9GEN with the file list in a simple text file was what I wanted to add. 


The second phase of the C Complier project that I never finished was for lack of directions from any direction for what to include.

You perhaps are doing that phase, one that needs to be done. There are way too many versions of libs available and no clear instructions.

Willard just listed all the libraries available and I did not figure out a plan.


Adding your final .dsk(s) and how you chose what to include would make the project complete.


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> Stephen, I using sources to make "new" libraries, not fix old ones. So your 40mm cannon to kill a mouse technique is useless. A makefile is much simpler and more efficient.
> Bill Pierce

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