[Coco] Font editor for OS9/NitrOS-9 Level 2?

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Kelly, you can remap the fonts so they don't clash with standard fonts. Just map them to a user group and buffer number. "Most" of the info to do this is in the OS9 manauls.
I can't remember exactly how it's done.. I thinks it's two bytes in the header that the system uses to determine what group and buffer number to use. Then once loaded, you call them by GFX2(path,"FONT",group#,buffer#) (in Basic09).
Some font editors give you the option to map the fonts to custom grp,buf numbers. But I think if you load an existing font, the font's current numbers are used.
It's been so long since I've used the editors, I forget. But I used to load in 7 or 8 sets and swtch them in and out.



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 I added the
graphic characters from the low-res text screen of ECB to the 
file for NitrOS-9.

See page 292 of the Tandy Color Computer 3 Extended Basic

They are accessible in a graphics window by typing ALT+a  to ALT+p or

printing characters 193 - 208

Make sure to backup your /dd/sys/stdfonts file
before replacing it with this 

The file in .dsk format can be found


By the
way, the font editor I am using is quite nice. I've never used one 
before, but
it seems well-programmed and is easy to use.

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