[Coco] 23 used Coco cassettes

Ian Baronofsky ianoid at gmail.com
Mon May 11 13:55:42 EDT 2015

Can anyone use these for $30+shipping by paypal? Or best offer? A couple
are labelled with games, but the others just say cc-12 or some other
number- or no label at all. The ones in the new looking cases have the side
written on them ("1" or "2") so they are probably used as well. No original
looking programs here, just someone's copies or backups or whatever.

They came with other Coco stuff, but I haven't tested them- and won't have
time to enjoy exploring these myself.

Media Mail in the US will probably be $6 or so. They are 5 lbs packed, so
shipping outside the US will cost a lot more than either of us would like,
but I can do it.



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