[Coco] Upgrade MPI?

Christopher Barnett Fox cbfox01 at syr.edu
Thu May 7 13:33:30 EDT 2015

Continuing the thread on this... on my CoCo3s, I really just want access
to CoCoSDC and a real floppy controller. Would that be possible with a
Y-cable? I can reserve my non-upgraded MPI for use on a CoCo2 with
Speech/Sound, Orch-90, etc.

On 2015/05/07/, 1:27 PM, "Joe Grubbs" <jsgrubbs at hotmail.com> wrote:

>Thank you all for helping to answer my questions on this. Like K Pruitt,
>I have my Cadillac sized 3024 which has been modified that I will
>continue to use with my CoCo3. Since the new 3124 is "virgin" I'll leave
>it alone and just use it with my CoCo2s. Better safe than sorry!
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>> All,
>> To go over what some have said about this.
>> It is both hardware and software based. It takes both.
>> As Mike has indicated, the Real Talker will cease to function on an
>>upgraded MPI. Why?  Because they mapped the Real Talker in to a RESERVED
>>section of the CC1/2's memory map, which just so happens to be the CC3's
>>GIME address space,  as Robert has indicated. There could be other
>>programs, I don't recall ATM. I at one time remapped the Real Talker and
>>change all of the programs to use this new address.
>> So if you plug a non modified MPI into a CC3 and execute software that
>>enables the conflict........anything is possible, damage to no damage
>>can occur.
>> But this is for sure... it is NOT a good situation. Thus the mod put
>>out by Tandy....they didn't do anything unless it was necessary.
>> My $0.02.
>> Regards,
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