[Coco] Upgrade MPI?

Robert Gault robert.gault at att.net
Wed May 6 18:23:06 EDT 2015

Joe Grubbs wrote:
> Through sheer blind luck I have acquired a Tandy branded 26-3124 MPI. It looks barely used, and more importantly, the OE warranty sticker is still in tact. Because it is "virgin" I'm reluctant to give it the CoCo3 PAL upgrade. Am I being ridiculous?

If you want to use it with a Coco3, upgrade it! It really is not an "upgrade to 
make it 'better'" but a required change to prevent ghosting of I/O bytes into 
the GIME region. If you intend to use it with a Coco1 or 2, you do not need to 
make any changes.

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