[Coco] Color Basic versions

Rogelio Perea os9dude at gmail.com
Tue May 5 16:08:03 EDT 2015

On Tue May 5 2015, Joe Grubbs wrote:

> I apologize if these are stupid or pedantic questions...
> In order to use ECB 1.1, is there a minimum version of CB that has to be
> used?
> Also, will early CoCo1s run ECB 1.1 (given that it has at least 16K of
> course)?

For reference on what was going on with the Color Basic updates from 1.0
through 1.2, check The Rainbow (available on the Archive) - December 1984
page 30, an article by Andy Kluck. Sadly that does not cover the 1.3
release, but as pointed out before, 1.3 was issued to support the new SAM
on the Korean CoCos, read somewhere else that Tandy also eliminated the 4k
RAM size check.

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