[Coco] Color Basic versions

Al Hartman alhartman6 at optonline.net
Tue May 5 13:05:32 EDT 2015

I don't know how the various versions interact. But, I would just use Color 
BASIC 1.2 with Extended Color BASIC 1.1 to have the newest bug-fixed ROMS.

I have 7 Color BASIC 1.2 ROMS if anyone needs one.

At this late date, I'd think you can burn replacement ROMs without anyone 
raising a fuss as long as you don't start selling them on eBay.

-[ Al ]-

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From: Joe Grubbs

I apologize if these are stupid or pedantic questions...

In order to use ECB 1.1, is there a minimum version of CB that has to be 

Also, will early CoCo1s run ECB 1.1 (given that it has at least 16K of 

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