[Coco] Starting OS9 games

Vincent Tran vincent at webmasterofmydomain.com
Fri May 1 09:14:47 EDT 2015

Hi Robert - Thanks for the info.

> First, you have not made clear what "the .dsk file" actually is. Is it a
NitrOS-9 or OS-9 system disk or an OS-9 game disk?
I wasn't aware of this and not sure how to check. The .dsk images I'm using
are from colorcomputerarchive.com and I don't see any info as to what type
of disk it is.

> This disk will not work with Drivewire and possibly not with an SDC pack
as the kernel and OS9Boot file is intended for use with a floppy disk.

I can confirm that it doesn't work with the SDC.  I will try a real floppy.

> If you want to run this game from Drivewire, an SDC, or a hard drive, you
can boot NitrOS-9 from any device. Then do the following:

How do I boot into NitrOS-9 on drive0 and then boot the game from the same
drive? I tried unmounting nitrOS-9 after it booted and then moutning
pacman.dsk from DriveWire, but then got an error when doing the 'cd /d0; cx
/d0/cmds'.  Also, was 'cx' a typo? I also tried replacing it with 'cd', but
still got the same error.  I am at work now and forgot the error code.


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