[Coco] Imaging MM/1 Floppy Disks

Steven Hirsch snhirsch at gmail.com
Thu Dec 31 21:30:37 EST 2015

On Thu, 31 Dec 2015, Joel Ewy wrote:

> On 12/31/2015 05:34 PM, Steven Hirsch wrote:
>> On Thu, 31 Dec 2015, Joel Ewy wrote:
>>> I'm trying to image some MM/1 floppy disks, and not having any 
>>> success yet.
>> I recommend ImageDisk.
>> http://www.classiccmp.org/dunfield/img/index.htm
>> Runs under MS-DOS, but has never failed me for FM or MFM formatted 
>> diskettes, no matter how bizzare the layout.

> I've got an old machine running Windows 98 that I have used to write 
> TRS-80 Model III disks recently, so I know the floppy controller is up 
> to the job.  Do you know if the files produced by ImageDisk are 
> compatible with, say, Toolshed?

Native ImageDisk (.IMD) files have a bunch of metadata in them that allows 
the program to write them back to media with the exact same layout. 
However, you can use the IMDU utility (included in the package) to convert 
an .IMD file to a binary sector image that's compatible with Toolshed and 
various emulators.

If you are trying to archive MM/1 disks for other users, the .IMD format 
is a natural.  Most of the media archived on Bitsavers are IMD files.



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