[Coco] OS9 68K, MM/1 software and questions

Dave Philipsen dave at davebiz.com
Tue Dec 29 00:23:20 EST 2015

Recently, James Rigou (sp?) and I were discussing another 68000-based 
computer that was produced around the same time as the MM/1.  It was 
called the PT68K-4 or System IV from Peripheral Technology / Delmar.  
Jim used to work for Delmar / Ed Gresick some time back.  Jim remarked 
that the 25 MHz CoCo3FPGA that Gary Becker has created had about the 
same performance 'feel' as the PT68K-4 running OS968K at 16 MHz.

As far as the OS goes, there were some new additions to the OS968K as 
opposed to the 6809 version.  I can't remember offhand exactly what they 
were.  I've got a book around here somewhere entitled, "The OS9 Guru" 
which focuses on OS968K programming. Of course one difference is the 
huge (in comparison to 64K on the 6809), flat memory space that is 
available but unless you could really beef up the speed of the 68000 
somehow I doubt you'd see that big of an improvement over the CoCo3FPGA 
running NitrOS9 at 25 MHz.

Just my two cents...:-)


On 12/28/2015 10:45 PM, Nick Marentes wrote:
> If the OS-9 68K is an improvement on 6809 OS-9, it would be 
> intersting. Good to see how OS-9 evolved after Microware dropped the 
> 6809 version.
> I'd need to read some info on it to decide whether it's worth saving 
> up for...
> Nick

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