[Coco] OS9 68K, MM/1 software and questions

Zippster zippster278 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 28 21:13:43 EST 2015

Thank you for the link Bob.  I can see there is some MM/1 stuff there.
I’ll have to hook up a serial connection and see if I can try some of it out.  :)

Sorry to here the originals went bad.  I really hope someone has a good set
so that they can be preserved!

- Ed

> On Dec 28, 2015, at 3:38 PM, Bob Devries <devries.bob at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Ed,
> I also have a MM/1 computer.
> The archive at rtsi.com has some software. Visit ftp://rtsi.com/
> I did have the original floppies, but some suffered from bit-rot :(.
> Regards, Bob Devries
> Dalby, QLD, Australia
> On 2015-12-29 4:00 AM, Zippster wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> So, I have recently been lucky enough to get an MM/1 computer from Michael Knudsen, and a
>> bunch of OS9 68K Manuals and the OS9 Professional 2.4 distribution disks from John Linville.
>> Thank you guys!
>> This is my first foray into the world of OS9, and my first experience with the MM/1.
>> So far, I’ve been able to find the MM/1 User and Technical manuals, schematics, and a
>> smattering of other info specific to the MM/1, mostly from the Malted Media FTP site.
>> What I’d really like to get ahold of is a copy of the original MM/1 distribution disks and any
>> MM/1 specific software possible.  The only MM/1 specific software I have is what is on the
>> hard drive, and a couple of floppies.  I’m hoping to do a full backup and then a clean install
>> from the distribution disks to get a better idea of what’s going on here.
>> I’d also like to put together an archive with as much MM/1 information and software as I can find.
>> Does anyone have any MM/1 software they’d be willing to share?  I’ll be happy to pay for floppies
>> and shipping.
>> And a couple of OS9 68K questions...
>> Are there any tools out there anyone knows of to mount OS9 68K Universal Format floppies
>> or images on a modern operating system?  I’m looking for a way to transfer files easily back
>> and forth, and get backups into a modern machine for storage.  Kermit is installed on the machine,
>> so there’s also the possibility to do serial file transfers.
>> Does anyone know of a good archive out there for OS9 68K software?
>> BTW, I am planning a remake of the system boards for the MM/1, gathering the ICs etc to
>> build several.  It’s an interesting system with an interesting history, and a good way for me
>> to explore the OS9 operating system which I’ve always heard of, but never used.
>> I guess I find it intriguing…  :)
>> Thanks,
>> - Ed
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