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Since I have only used (and still use) OS9 on the 6809 Tandy Color Computer, I'm not familiar with OS9 68K, but you can access Microware's FTP and get some of the old OSK stuff (as well as others..).
I'm not sure what's there, but the OSk folder has quite a bit of stuff in it.


If you go up one folder higher, you'll find many forms of OS9.

Also, there is an OS9 68k emulator on SourceForge (I know nothing about it):


Hope it helps :-)



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I apologize for the scant previous message -- i really didn't think i wouldget any kind of response....My name is Lvcian.  I work as an electronics technician for ageo/cosmo-chemistry research group at UCLA.  There three big SIMS (secondaryion mass spectrometry) instruments in our facility in addition to variousother diagnostic auxiliary scientific instruments--but the main instrumentsare all controlled by 68K-series motorola VME computers. I recently decidedto teach myself as much about these computers as I can and have begun tobuild a 68008-based single board computer to play with real time operatingsystems.......this is how i came to find out about OS-9 and microware. Iwould like to play/learn these vintage UNIX-like computing environments.....but trying to do anything series aside from being better informed anddo a better job at upkeeping and maybe int he future upgrade the instrumentsi maintain.  what kind of work do you do ?  Best Regards,Lvcian-- Coco mailing listCoco at maltedmedia.comhttps://pairlist5.pair.net/mailman/listinfo/coco

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