[Coco] How to create an 80 track 2 sided disk with SDC

Nick Marentes nickma at optusnet.com.au
Thu Dec 17 15:21:08 EST 2015

On 18/12/2015 5:48 AM, Darren A wrote:

> Since BASIC will only allocate files within the first 35 tracks, how are
> you planning to utilize the additional space?
> Perhaps if I undertood what your ultimate goal is, I could suggest a
> suitable approach.
> - Darren

I was just wanting the extra Disk space so that I an keep all my 
development files (Source and Assets) on one drive.

Currently I need 2 DSK's so I was wondering if CoCoSDC could create a 
larger DSK.

I've seen patches to RS-DOS which allowed this and I thought CoCoSDC may 
have done the same.

I think Drivewire allows this so that's one way, just thought I could do 
the same on the SD drive.


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