[Coco] 28SF040 EEPROM + GQ-4X

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Sun Dec 6 15:10:24 EST 2015

Just a followup on this if anyone is interested.  I have tested a new version of the software and they have fixed support for the 28SF040 as of v7.06.  For the EEPROM's I've tested with my 512K boards, the following has been confirmed.  If anyone has any further information please let me know so I can update my table on my site.  Thanks!

 Programmer	 			28SF040	 	29F040	 	29EE020	29EE010 
Willem PCB45 (Parallel Port) 	Works 			Failed		Works 		Works 

McuMall GQ-4X USB			Works 			Works		Works		Works
					Req GQUsbPrg v7.06+	

TL866CS USB	 Works			Works 			Works 		Works		Works

- Chad H

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   Since the 28SF040 512K chip is one supported on my new EEPROM boards
   and some of us may have the GQ-4X programmer, I thought I would ask
   here if anyone may have any experience with getting these two to work
   together.  I tried manually adding it in to the devices.text
   configuration without success.  I followed up on a old MCUMall forum
   post about this chip here ...

   If anyone has gotten it to work on their GQ-4x in the past I would love
   too hear how.

   Today I opened up a RMA ticket with MCUMall and sent them one of the
   chips so they could 'tune the algorithms' as they put it.  Hopefully
   there will be an update for this chip.

   -Chad H


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