[Coco] C-Source-level debugging for a gcc6809/lwasm project

Michael R. Furman n6il at ocs.net
Sun Dec 6 09:37:21 EST 2015

I have a gcc6809 based project to port a library to the Coco that has a nasty bug where it simply crashes. I have in the past run this program in MESS and gotten the stream of instructions that the CPU actually ran but it is really hard to translate that back to a particular line of C code, it’s also really hard to understand where all the stack frames are let alone what is in them.  I can happily read the assembler listings from lwasm so I don’t need a disassembler to be working in the debugger, but I do need to be able to single-step at C-source level to find where it is going wrong.

I know that XRoar has had GDB support for a long while, there was some recent discussion about NoIce on the list, and lwasm has a —map option  but I am not sure if 6809-GDB knows how to read this map file or if it is possible somehow to put these pieces and parts together somehow to actually debug my project.


Michael R. Furman
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