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I have been using Purebasic for years.  It has grown into a very powerful programming language.  It compiles to small, fast executables that do not have accompanying DLL's.  I use it for most everything I program now.  You can download a free demo from the Purebasic website and/or a pdf manual for the basic.  I can't recommend it enough... 

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Another one is RealBasic which is now XOJO. It looks quite powerful and
I've tinkered with the demo's in the past. I just haven't been able to
justify the cost with the level of programming I've been doing. I'm going
to Check out the QT product mentioned below, that sounds promising. Open
Source is an appealing option for something like

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>> Has anyone here used PureBasic? I've been trying to find
something that

>> I

> came develope on for multi-platform and PureBasic seemed to pop up in

> searches quite often.


> Take a look at Qt. It is C++ but it takes the pain out of it, it's

> multiplatform, and well documented. It's also free and open


> QtCreator is a nice IDE.


> hth


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