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Again, I am talking percentages based on what they were in the 80's.

I can appreciate what you're saying though. Even if the percentages
for programmers versus game players were small in the C64 community,
the fact that it was such a large market share means the number of
programmers for C64 outweighed the number on the CoCo. This was
certainly the case for commercial level programmers. 

I wouldn't say the Apple 2 had much better capability than the CoCo
(better expandability yes) but there were more commercial grade
programmers and developers for the Apple than there was for the CoCo.

I've said it before but I was never a big fan of the CoCo 1/2, always
hated the 6847 VDG. It's the CoCo3 that I was fond of.

The CoCo3 should have come out 2 years earlier, about when they were
talking about the Deluxe CoCo. By 1986, the CoCo was competing with
16bit Amiga's and Atari's.

I was an Amiga fan too and still am. My retro computer desk has an
Amiga 4000 and my original CoCo3. This is my retro games development
bench and I use both machines whenever I have time.

They don't make 'em like they used to!    :)


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 There were at least a dozen Commodore 64-centric magazines in the US
 several of which featured plenty of BASIC and Machine Language
 not to mention all of the generic magazines like Family Computing. I
 don't think the C-64 is the best example for your argument because it
 everything on a scale that no other computer could touch thanks to
 insane user base (and particularly when its successor, the
 was considered a "failure," despite selling more than nearly any
 8-bit computer SERIES all by itself).

 Also, to be fair, the CoCo wasn't particularly great at game playing,
 naturally fewer people would buy it to play games when most of the
 for better part of the 80s was happening on the C-64 and Apple II
sides. I
 think a far better comparison is with the Atari 8-bit computer
 since that at least had roughly equivalent lifetime user bases with
 CoCo series.


 Bill Loguidice, Managing Director; Armchair Arcade, Inc.


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