[Coco] Coco Cartridge Prototyping Pak PCB

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Or use Tinyurl...


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On Thursday 09 October 2014 01:05:21 Bill Nobel did opine
And Gene did reply:
> Hi Kip,  I don’t know if it is just me, but the links you provide to
> dropbox give me error 404? something happening on my part? others seem
> to see it.
> Bill Nobel

That is probably because we haven't trained Kip to use a set of <> around
the link, which indicates a complete, long enough to get line wrapped,

> > On Oct 8, 2014, at 11:01 PM, Kip Koon <computerdoc at sc.rr.com> wrote:
> >
> > Hi Guys!
> > Here is the second version of the Coco Cartridge Prototyping Pak with
> > all your suggestions.  How did I do Ed?  Not only have I included
> > the links to the renderings from OSHPark, but I have also included
> > the Schematic and PCB layout in PDF form since so many people are
> > expressing an interest in this project and have made suggestions.
> > The following links are the top and bottom renderings of the PCB from
> > OSHPark.



Should just work, and


When you post long URL's, please use the <> convention and it will work
for lots more people, Kip.

> > Here are the links to the schematics and the PCB layout.  The first
> > schematic has all the decode logic.  All the second schematic has are
> > the holes.  The third link of course is the PCB layout from Eagle
> > Pro. V6.4.0.




> > Thank you Ed for offering to help.  It was late when I got back on,
> > so I went ahead and tried my hand at some clean up.
> > If I missed someone's suggestion.  It was not intentional.  Please
> > continue to inspect my work and let me know what you think?  I
> > appreciate all your suggestions.  It helps me to make a better PCB.
> > Thanks a bunch!  Have Fun Guys!
> >
> > Kip Koon
> > computerdoc at sc.rr.com
> > <http://www.cocopedia.com/wiki/index.php/Kip_Koon>
> > <http://computerpcdoc.com/>
> >

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