[Coco] The difference between /SD0 and /D0

Robert Gault robert.gault at att.net
Wed Nov 5 08:55:33 EST 2014

Brett Gordon wrote:
> Hey nick.  I'm no expert on OS9, but I believe /d0 and /sd0 are two
> different "pointers" to the same thing - your SDC drive.  /sd0 speaks
> LBA mode to your SDC to access large harddrives, and /d0 speak
> old-fashioned track/sector geometry...  Does nitros9 return an error
> when accessing these?  I'm pretty sure both are linked to RBF, and
> both descriptors expect a RBF filesystem. on drive 0
> -B

For what it is worth, the SD0 descriptor contains RBF, rbsuper, and llcocosdc 
while /d0 contains RBF and rb1773. Unless the SDC itself does something funny, 
there is no way that a call to /D0 should display the contents of /SD0.


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