[Coco] How SLENB works ?

Luis Antoniosi (CoCoDemus) retrocanada76 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 20 10:42:38 EDT 2014

On Sun, Jul 20, 2014 at 10:25 AM, Matthew Stock <stock at bexkat.com> wrote:

> If you want to research this yourself, you can get the bus timing info from
> the 6809 datasheet, and the AVR datasheet will tell you how many cycles it
> will take to get into your interrupt handler, how fast the I/O lines can
> change, and memory fetch will take, etc.  Lots of cycle counting.  The
> Arduino clock is only 16MHz, so you only get about 17 AVR clock ticks to
> work with in each clock cycle.  Just entering the interrupt handler eats
> 8-10 of those.
>   -Matt

There is this drive emulator for the Atari:

Maybe I should double buffer the data lines if I wan't them to be
bi-directional, being the arduino buffer controlled by the the arduino

Luis Felipe Antoniosi

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