[Coco] NitrOS-9, ranting about....

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Kandur, try "deldir". It will recursively delete directories.
Also use "copy" from the "Vcc Starter Kit" vhd. It's not the same as the "standard" copy used on the repo disks. It doesn't require you enter the name a 2nd time unless you want to change the name. Why the old one is on the repo disks, I don't know, everybody I knew was using this one.

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In the 80-s, loved to work with os-9, especially with L2.
Over the years, we got spoiled by Linux and Windows,
and missing the flexibility these offer vs os-9.
What seem to be missing is, 
the ability to delete a directory recursively, even if it is not empty,
to copy a file without repeating it's name,
to get a decent, human friendly directory listing, decimal sizes, etc.
I'm sure the NitrOS-9 community produced utilities to remedy
the above shortcomings, Could you help me to find them please?
While at it, if running nos-9 in Vcc how can we access the files 
from a vhd disk mounted on /H0.


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