[Coco] Vcc+DW4 to access real floppy drive on Coco-3 ?

Kandur k at qdv.pw
Mon Jul 7 20:54:35 EDT 2014

Monday, July 7, 2014, 4:53:34 PM, you wrote:
> Im fairly sure you cannot access disk drives in one coco from another coco,
> however it seems you could create the disk using the emulator but do the
> copying to physical disk part using your physical coco.  DriveWire will
> talk to both, so create in VCC, copy to DW disk, mount that DW disk on real
> coco, copy to real disk.  No need for the disk creation and disk writing to
> be the same coco.

This part sounds simple, will try it right away, thanks.

> Easy than any of that would probably be to just build the disk you want
> from the NitrOS9 source.  That's how I churn out various configurations, at
> least.  Tweak a makefile and LWTools and the toolshed spit out whatever
> disk you want a few seconds later (in .dsk form, still need to mount in DW
> and use real coco to write to real disk if a real disk is desired).
> On Jul 7, 2014 7:44 PM, "Kandur" <k at qdv.pw> wrote:

The LWTools is way over my 'young' head. :)

>> Thank you Aaron, Gene and Bill.

>> Aaron, you wrote:
>> "Maybe you could describe what the goal is, I'm sure someone knows how to
>> accomplish the end results if they are possible."
>> My PC is new, it has no FD controller, hence no FD drives, but lots of ram.
>> My original, 128k Coco-3 has 2 physical floppy drives connected to it,
>> with HDB-DOS in a FD controller,
>> The goal is to make a real boot floppy for the coco, that leaves
>> more free ram, then the repo .dsk images do (about 24k).
>> This can be achieved by editing the bootlist, leaving out the graphic,
>> sound, joystick, etc. modules, making the Term to default to the Coco's
>> bitbanger serial port, configured to 9600 baud, xon/xoff with a shell.

>> "You can access both DriveWire drives and real floppy drives on the *same*
>> coco, whether real or emulated, and whether in BASIC or OS9, so it would
>> seem there is little reason to need access to one coco's drive from
>> another."
>> Well, there is a good reason. The virtual Coco (Vcc) has lots of ram,
>> one could easily edit the bootlist, os9gen and cobbler a new boot image
>> on it. On the real Coco with 24k of free ram it is impossible to say the
>> least.
>> I'd like to make the above described lean, bootfloppy image on the virtual
>> Coco, and write it on a boot floppy with my floppy drive, connected to the
>> real coco.

>> Kandur

>> Monday, July 7, 2014, 8:59:29 AM, you wrote:
>> > Bill, what I wanted was, to access physical floppy drives on the Coco,
>> > while running Nitro OS-9 on VCC. Drive ON/OFF don't seem to work
>> > on the Coco's physical drives from OS-9.

>> > Kandur

>> > Monday, July 7, 2014, 8:45:54 AM, you wrote:

>> >> Kandur, if you are referring to the DRIVEON DRIVEOFF commands, these are
>> >> exclusive to HDBDOS, so if the emulator is running HDBDOS and the
>> emulator
>> >> supports real floppies, then yes. Or in the case there's "emulated"
>> floppies, then it will turn those off/on.
>> >> When "on" the HDBDOS/RGBDOS RSDOS drives 0-3 on a 255 disk partitioned
>> VHD
>> >> are "on". When "off" then drives 0-3 will read/write to the
>> real/emulated system (emulator) floppies.
>> >>

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>> >> Needed when the PC has no floppy drives.
>> >> Any other Coco emulator can do that?

>> >> Kandur

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