[Coco] Got the SDC

Ciaran Anscomb cocomalt at 6809.org.uk
Tue Feb 18 10:39:01 EST 2014

"Luis Antoniosi (CoCoDemus)" wrote:
> Darren the only thing I miss is the SD directory, otherwise we have to
> keep a list of all folders.
> Would it be hard to create a special DIR option that instead showing
> the contents of mounted disk, shows the root directory of the SDC ?

Did you try DIR -, or DIR ""?

> Or
> root if you don't have a mounted image and if you have the disk image
> mounted in COCO/GAMES it would show the contents of COCO/GAMES ?

You can mount more than one image, so I'd guess it would be tricky to
decide which directory to show in that case.


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